Biden prioritizes transgender migrants illegally crossing — not satire


The Biden administration, which effectively announced an open-door policy for migrant children crossing the border alone, is expanding their priorities to include families with young children and people who identify as transgender.

To make it happen, Vice President Kamala Harris has called violence against LGBT persons a “root cause” of migration.

Almost everything she says here is a lie:

NPR reports: More migrants are being granted humanitarian exceptions because they are considered the most vulnerable, including families with young children and transgender people who had been living in dangerous conditions in Mexican border towns.

Democrats are not only determined to destroy the United States. They are set on making the USA the worst country in the world.

We had 178,000 cross the border in April with scores more who weren’t caught. That was similar to March. In February, we had nearly 100,000.

“We are working to streamline a system for identifying and lawfully processing particularly vulnerable individuals who warrant humanitarian exceptions under the order,” Homeland Security Department spokeswoman Sarah Peck said in a statement to NPR, referring to the health order aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.

So, if you are a transgender with a family, COVID won’t keep you from entering the US illegally.

“This humanitarian exception process involves close coordination with international and non-governmental organizations in Mexico and COVID-19 testing before those identified through this process are allowed to enter the country,” Peck said.

The UN loves this because they hate us.

What other country in the world has open borders? None, because you’re not a country if you do.

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