Colonial paid nearly $5 million ransom & Biden won’t be doing anything


Colonial Pipeline had to pay almost $5 million crypto-ransom after they were hacked. Colonial provides fuel to much of the East. Crypto-criminals can hack our infrastructure and seriously harm us, but Joe Biden doesn’t see the need for interfering in a private company’s problems.

The cost will undoubtedly be passed down to consumers.

What doesn’t Biden get about the 5500 miles of pipeline fueling the East Coast?

The hackers are allegedly Eastern European.

CoinDesk reports:

They paid the ransom in “untraceable cryptocurrency” to restore functionality to the U.S.’ largest pipeline, according to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

The FBI identified the hacks as Darkside — if you can believe them. If true, we better figure out how to do better at protecting our infrastructure. Instead of the Biden administration spending almost all of the infrastructure funds from their multi-trillion dollar bill, perhaps they should actually spend it on infrastructure.

CNN reported Wednesday the ransomware group had demanded payment in bitcoin (BTC, -11.44%).

Colonial Pipeline resumed operations Wednesday, meaning petroleum could begin reaching five states in the East Coast region, including Florida and Georgia.

Biden says “private entities are in charge of their own cybersecurity.” He claims “he cannot dictate the private companies do certain things relative to cybersecurity.”

Since when? And why not spend some taxpayer money on their cybersecurity instead of socialist nonsense?

He’s worthless at best.

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