Biden’ Pro-Chinese Communist Stance Is Obvious with His Solar Panel Rules


Nine Senate Democrats joined with Republicans this week to condemn President Joe Biden’s regulatory action ignoring allegations that China is violating solar panel trade rules.

In June 2022, Biden implemented the 24-month moratorium on the enforcement of solar panel anti-circumvention tariffs introduced under the Obama Administration to protect U.S. companies. Fox News reports that the White House characterized the move as a two-year “bridge” that would allow companies to build solar panel production capabilities on U.S. soil.

The move, however, came after the Commerce Department said months earlier it would investigate whether Chinese manufacturers were routing solar panels through countries in Southeast Asia to avoid U.S. tariffs. And in December, the agency published preliminary findings showing four large solar companies had routed products through Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam to circumvent duties.

Some Democrats Vote Against Biden’s Pro-CCP Rules

The New York Times called the 56-41 vote to block Biden’s action a “notable rebuke of the Biden administration’s actions.”

“Ohioans are manufacturing solar panels that can power our economy,” Sen. Sherrod Brown said in remarks of his own Wednesday. “They just need a level playing field. You can’t say you want American manufacturing to lead the world while allowing Chinese companies, often subsidized by the Chinese government, to skirt the rules and dump solar panels into the U.S.”

“This comes down to whose side you’re on: Do you stand with workers in Ohio, or do you stand with the Chinese Communist Party?”

The resolution had passed the House 221 to 202, with the support of most Republicans and 12 Democrats.

China controls 80% of the solar panel market. Biden wants to convert the US to wind and solar, making us fully dependent on the slavers.

The vote would restore tariffs on solar panels from China. China is sending the panels via other nations to avoid paying the tariffs. Chinese firms linked to slave labor have reportedly assembled their products to avoid U.S. tariffs.

Biden will likely veto the bill. He’s fine with Chinese communist corruption.

Sen. Rubio wants to shame Biden into doing the right thing.

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