Julie Kelly’S Explosive Summary on the Proud Boys’ Trial


Julie Kelly, the editor of American Greatness, was on Clay and Buck radio show this afternoon. She addressed a number of issues surrounding the conviction of four Proud Boys for seditious conspiracy, which is synonymous with treason.

When you review comments, consider that Black Lives Matter and Antifa have publicly stated they want to overturn the US government. Yet no such charges were brought against them. They’ve killed people, attacked police, and burned buildings and businesses, in particular. Yet almost all of them have had their records wiped clean or avoided prison.

As Miss Kelly said, this conviction of four Proud Boys brings the total convicted, with some accepting plea deals, to 14 January Sixers, American citizens, and Trump supporters convicted of a post-civil war statute that no American has ever been convicted of until January 6th.


“It poses a grave threat to Donald Trump. It bolsters the special prosecutor Jack Smith’s attempts to pursue a grand jury indictment against Trump for the same charge of seditious conspiracy,” Miss Kelly said.

“You might recall that the January 6 Select Committee didn’t send a criminal referral of seditious conspiracy but they suggested in their report the DOJ should consider that charge against Trump, and specifically mentioned convictions in the Oath Keepers case and the pending trial of the Proud Boys. So that’s where I suspect this is headed.”

When asked what they actually did, Miss Kelly said they shared a lot of text messages and encrypted group chats. The chats included an unknown number of FBI informants, but it was at least eight. The government admitted to eight. They talked about Stopping the Steal, attending rallies in November and December, planning to go to the January 6th rally, 1776, and a possible war with Joe Biden…. They went to January 6th without weapons in fact, former Proud Boys leader Enrico Tarrio wasn’t even in D.C.


Julie Kelly asks, “How do you overthrow the government, which is the essence of seditious conspiracy, when you bring no weapons?”

The prosecution didn’t even allege they had a plan.

“This case was about these texts. It was about people who didn’t really know each other meeting up on January 6th, marching from the Washington Monument to the Capitol. They didn’t have weapons…they didn’t assault any police officers, except Mr. Rehl apparently sprayed an officer with pepper spray…they were accused of knocking over a fence. One of them smashed in a window with a riot shield. That is the totality of the case.”

“As you know, we’ve all talked about the obstruction of an official proceeding felony. This is the bastardization, weaponization of laws that have nothing to do with political protest, but this is how they’re wielding them, weaponizing them to criminalize political dissent and they’re doing it very successfully.”


Miss Kelly believes that Donald Trump will be indicted, and she said there’s a 70% chance he’ll be indicted for seditious conspiracy. The government claims that Donald Trump’s tweet on December 19th was the date when the conspiracy began. It was the first clip that the assistant US attorney played during closing arguments. This was the clip during the 2020 presidential debate when he was goaded by Joe Biden and Chris Wallace to condemn white supremacist militia groups.” He was asked for a name and “Joe Biden is the one who said the Proud Boys. So Trump said Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

That’s the clip that was played, and in the Department of Justice’s official press release today, they said that that tweet spurred a big surge in membership in the Proud Boys.

Allegedly, “That’s how they came to try to overthrow the government on January 6th. DOJ put that in their press release today. None of this is by accident. It is a warning shot to not just Trump, but people around him, possibly John Eastman and others, for allegedly conspiring…”


Miss Kelly told Clay and Buck to look at the language that was included in the jury instructions at the Proud Boy’s trial. They were extremely vague. It’s not just that you’re trying to overthrow the government by force.” The instructions say, “It is to prevent, delay, or hinder the execution of government law. Now think of how this could apply to past and certainly future political protests.

“So it’s not even force. The 4th part of it was never proven. And doesn’t have to be proven according to the jury instructions. So if you yell at a police officer in service of a political protest,” that’s by force, trying to commit seditious conspiracy.

“If you delay a congressional hearing, say, or a confirmation hearing, anything that we’ve seen, especially in the past five or six years, by the left, this would apply.

“So, this is really the very discouraging way that these judges quite frankly are letting the Department of Justice bastardize laws that have nothing to do with what happened on January 6th, but nonetheless are being used to criminalize political dissent and punish Trump supporters for protesting his election that day.”

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