Biden Puts Another Nail in the Coffin of Fossil Fuels


Biden announced today that he might raise the rates for energy companies to drill for oil and natural gas on public lands. This is as the price of fuel soars. It’s based on a report by the Interior Department run by Deb Haaland, a radical, anti-fossil fuel agitator.

Biden is cutting leases, canceling pipelines, and discouraging investments in oil.
He’s tapping into 50 million barrels from the oil reserves for no benefit whatsoever.  He’s even selling one-third of the oil to China and India.

The questionable report from the U.S. Department of the Interior cited climate concerns and recommended that companies pay more.

The report was ordered by Biden or his cabal when he took office in January.

The report said the federal oil and gas program is harmful to the environment and called for royalty rates, bonding rates and other fees for energy companies to be raised.

How raising rates for oil leases will lower gas prices is unknown.

Biden this week promised we will see prices drop at the same time we abandon our reliance on oil. We are supposed to believe that.

Biden further said that higher gas prices are not related to his administration’s green energy initiatives.

He also touted fuel savings by people who drive electric vehicles.

Biden’s announcement about tapping into the country’s oil reserve, came the same week that a reporter asked the Energy Department Secretary Jennifer Granholm how many barrels of oil Americans consume daily during a news briefing. She said she didn’t know.

A reporter explained that it’s about 18 million which will be enough to cover the United States for three days.

This administration counts on us to be stupid.



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2 years ago

Traitor Joe and the Cabal are less productive than inert matter! The Zero Emissions they are pursuing is a total farce and will be an economic windfall for the Communist Chinese. Fossil Fuel is reliable, Wind and Solar are not. Today’s Fossil Fuel usage is actually very clean, especially Natural Gas. Hydrogen should be the next step in clean fuel for the short term.

We cracked Nuclear Fission in the 1940’s for energy, it’s now time for a Space Race type program to make America Number One again with Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fusion will open a whole new age of unlimited power until we find the next major scientific form of energy. It could be antimatter or even harnessing the energy of a Black Hole by creating micro back holes that force all matter the comes in contact with it to release even more energy than Nuclear Fusion. Real science in the way forward and not the Cult Science of truly uneducated Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers who have no imagination or vision. Everything a Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser touches seems to eventually turns to something worse then shit. At least a pound of manure can produce a few thousand BTUs of energy. Liberals tend to consume instead of produce!

Misery Index Medium
Misery Index Medium
2 years ago

He might? Does he spin the wheel or do the handlers draw straws for a turn at the Wheel of Misery?
Oh…it lands on more taxes…oh wait all the selections are more taxes.

O/T-Saved 8$ with coupons at the Sack-N-Save and it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, several rounds of coupons with the loyalty card mailer and it will offset the price increases plus it is close by and the heel and toe express can be used for the Great Flinstones Reset as long as there are no canned goods or something too heavy and bulky.