Biden quotes 4 words of the “corny” Declaration of Independence


Embarrassing Joe Biden interviews continue. Imagine Joe Biden as president. He can’t even get through a brief, controlled interview.

Joe’s trying to quote the Declaration of Independence again during this online interview. he managed to get four words out and didn’t add “whatever,” this time he said “et cetera” instead. He thinks the Declaration of Independence is “corny.”

Remember when he said this:

During a PBS online interview, Joe Biden claimed the President’s favorability poll numbers haven’t gone up.

Gallup, ABC News, and CBS News just released polls showing Trump’s job approval numbers have gone up.

The reporter corrected him and he answered, “Well, I hope that he’s so strong that he’s up way above that.”

What? Anyway, do you think he’s lying?

We believe he’s lying here:

Reuters is running ads for him but it won’t help:

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