Nancy’s Daughter, Christine Pelosi, Praised the Felon Who Assaulted Rand Paul


Christine Pelosi

In 2017 Sen. Rand Paul was, without provocation, brutally assaulted by his Kentucky neighbor.  The senator was mowing the lawn when Rene Boucher blindsided him.  The attack left the GOP legislator with five broken ribs.

Unfortunately, Mr. Paul suffered complications during his recovery.  He battled pneumonia, and last year, part of his lung had to be removed.

This past Sunday Rand announced he’d contracted the coronavirus and was quarantining himself to prevent further spread.  Because of his close contact with Mr. Paul, Sen. Romney, fearing for the health of his wife who suffers from multiple sclerosis, also self-quarantined.

Congressional reporter Paul Kane wrote, “He told us the other day his biggest personal concern was not getting this because his wife has MS.  Now he can’t see her for 2 weeks.”

Christine Pelosi, Nancy’s daughter, and a Dem political strategist, then tweeted “Rand Paul’s neighbor was right.”

So, apparently all you have to do to get a thumbs up from the spawn of Nancy Pelosi is heaping praise on the felon whose unhinged attack made a sitting United States Senator much more vulnerable to a potentially deadly virus.

No word on a reprimand from Mom.  Not even a time out.  That’s some set of genes running through that bloodthirsty brood.

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