President responds to CNN’s story about “restless Trump” in isolation


CNN made up another story out of whole cloth about how “restless Trump” wanted to end “the country’s isolation and his own.” It’s absurd on the face of it with CNN claiming to know what he’s wondering aloud about.

They like to say he’s isolated. It’s a thing. In 2017, they said he is “lonely,” “lives within himself,” and is “withdrawing,” and “gaining weight.” They have done it at other times.

The President responded to the latest crazy story on Twitter.

“I hear that Fake News CNN just reported that I am isolated in the White House, wondering out loud, “when will life return to normal?” Does anybody really believe that? There was no leak, they made it up – they are CORRUPT & FAKE NEWS. I have been packed all day with meetings, I have no time for stupidity. We’re working around the clock to KEEP AMERICA SAFE!”

They are ridiculously fake news.

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Defiance To Evil Is Obedience to God
Defiance To Evil Is Obedience to God
3 years ago

Trump has our backs like a spine. When at the doctor’s office or airport lounge I mock the Clown News Network screen and hoist middle fingers.
I would throw a brick but it isn’t worth it and one has to know what hill to charge up at what time.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

The fact that the likes of CNN – MSM in general – has any audience is a sad reflection on said audience’s acuity !!!