Biden read his ‘presidential’ coronavirus speech from teleprompters without a gaffe


Joe Biden read his presidential speech from teleprompters today without one gaffe. The rehearsal must have been intense. His speech raised the drama surrounding coronavirus and he criticized the travel bans. He released his plan for solving the Wuhan Virus problem.

Earlier today, the media announced his upcoming speech with articles praising Biden him, noting it would contrast well with President Trump since he has a real plan, a progressive plan.


If you go to, you will see a lot of hot air about how he will develop trust. His plan to put the progressive agenda in place:

  • A decisive public health response that ensures the wide availability of free testing; the elimination of all cost barriers to preventive care and treatment for COVID-19; the development of a vaccine; and the full deployment and operation of necessary supplies, personnel, and facilities.
  • A decisive economic response that starts with emergency paid leave for all those affected by the outbreak and gives all necessary help to workers, families, and small businesses that are hit hard by this crisis. Make no mistake: this will require an immediate set of ambitious and progressive economic measures and further decisive action to address the larger macro-economic shock from this outbreak.

The President does have a plan for developing a vaccine and providing necessary supplies and personnel. He will help those workers who are in trouble.

Progressivism is socialism and that is what Biden or his handlers actually wants to put in place. Unfortunately, once people get the taste of freebies, they will never give them up.

The plan gets more dramatic and hysterical as you read on. There is no measure of moderation and that’s because this virus has been fully politicized to get Trump. They want it to be his Katrina.

Only 39 have died from it in the United States, but about 12,000 have died from the flu.

This is The Truman Show and Joe Biden is Truman Burbank. His life is a lie and he is a veritable Walter Mitty. The left is trying to protect him and present him as someone who isn’t senile with tricks and cameras.


At the same time, the media is painting the President’s message last night as a disaster. It was a good speech. Unfortunately, the travel ban against Europe helped tank the markets.

The media won’t allow him to succeed. His reaction is too much or not enough. He can’t win, but ole Joe is always right.

The President’s speech shows he is putting Americans first.

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