AOC has the solutions for the Wuhan Virus


Economic illiterate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted her solutions to address the Wuhan virus. They are remarkably hard-left and are the same solutions she claims will cure the climate change problem.

If we turn everything over to the fully-centralized government, all be well. She wants a universal basic income which is most certainly communism. And she wants free everything. No one should ever pay for a thing.

The freshman congresswoman from New York said, “Right about now would be a great time to weigh emergency measures like … Extending Medicare/Medicaid coverage to all … Eviction freezes … No-strings UBI programs … Eliminating work requirements for SNAP &other [sic] assistance … Humanitarian provisions in prisons & decarceral policies.” [We think she made up that word ‘decarceral.’]

“Some are talking about unemployment insurance, & while good it’s not nearly enough. There are enormous sectors of our economy (tipped workers, freelance, shift workers) who may not be “unemployed” but whose lives are still dramatically disrupted to the point of eviction, etc,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

She wants to freeze every debt basically, without understanding that there are people who require these payments to continue operating.

Freeze student loan debt:

Freeze mortgage debt:

The President is recommending subsidies for targeted populations and industries, but she wants a broad sweep, making us socialists over night.

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