Biden reads off teleprompter before a little bitty crowd to chants of 4 more years


Very few people showed up to watch Joe Biden read from a teleprompter in Detroit, Michigan. It’s ridiculous to waste time watching someone read off a teleprompter because he is incapable of speaking extemporaneously.

This is not the Babylon Bee:

As he read off the teleprompter, every time he mentioned Trump’s name, the Trump supporters chanted four more years.

If crowds matter, Trump has it.

Here’s another successful Biden rally:



  1. This man is pathetic, inept and incompetent and is not packing the equipment to be POTUS. His family should be ashamed and charged with elder abuse.

  2. All the people who are supposed to be voting for Biden are out looting, burning, and protesting. At least we can be assured that the streets will be quiet on November 3rd. Riots will resume on November 4th.

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