Biden Regime Completely Ignores Court Order on Remain in Mexico


Despite a court order, only 267 illegal aliens have been sent back to Mexico under the Remain in Mexico, aka MPP, rule. The Biden leftists have circumvented the court order by gutting it and then following it.

“MPP is still dead, and the court-ordered relaunch is all for show. We know it and so do migrants and smugglers,” said R.J. Hauman, director of government relations and communications at the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “Border numbers are still through the roof. … The Biden administration isn’t acting in good faith—they’re mocking the courts.”

According to the document, asylum seekers can be unenrolled from MPP should government officials identify “particular vulnerabilities” such as claiming they are gay or transgender. All asylum seekers who claim they have a fear of being returned to Mexico may be provided a legal representative or consultant.

It should have been a huge win but far-left Democrats in control of the party have no bounds, believe in no laws or institutions if they stand in their way. They couldn’t win in court so they ignored the court.

Currently, the Left is bussing in thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens onto Suffolk and Nassau County, red areas, to forever change who we are.

They are overturning the Republic before our very eyes. When Democrats talk about Democracy, they mean socialism, not democracy in general terms which takes in our Constitutional Republic.

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Fundamental Transformation
Fundamental Transformation
2 years ago

If the courts are too clueless to see that they are now just as irrelevant as congress in the post law and order former USA then what is the point, disband and go enjoy your golden parachutes and pensions while touring the echo chamber in the District of Criminals.

2 years ago

The dynamic nearly all patriots fail to recognize or fear to admit is the Obiden Regime was installed by the massive election fraud planned, executed and financed by the CCP and their allies in the Commiecrat Party and Davos. If Emperor Xi has decided it is in the interest of the CCP to destabilize the USA he will order his minions masquerading as the Obiden Regime to do whatever it takes to destroy any and all opposition to their rule, which,my friends, is the rule of the CCP. Let’s Face the facts, we are a satrapy of the CCP who is tightening its grip on all aspects of our life. They need allies, they need hordes of desperate people to throw against us. They are importing millions of young fighters filled with hatred for us. Their ranks will be trained to back up the trained militia of the CCPagents, that is,the BLMand ANTIFA. There will be no election in 2022 other than a repeat of 2020. We had better resolve now to do or to die. That is the only question, the only avenue left to patriots. All else is futile.