Canadian Truckers Inspire Convoys Across the Western World


The CBC is now trying to say the Canadian trucker protest is about bad highways.  “Truckers protesting bad highway conditions in BC,” says the CBC. Last week, it was Putin is influencing these ‘fringe’ trucker groups.

For the rest of us normal people, the Canadian trucker protest is an inspiration. They’re not just protesting vaccine mandates, they’re fighting tyranny.

Freedom Convoy 2022, the group that organized the Canadian trucker protest, reported initially having 1,600 trucks. Most Canadian truckers are mandated but they still don’t approve of mandates. Far fewer US truckers are vaccinated, roughly only half. They sit alone in their trucks and aren’t mingling.

The convoy, which now has nearly 50,000 trucks, is in Ottawa and other Canadian cities demanding the end of tyrannical rules.


Vaccine mandates for truckers were put in place in both Canada and the United States at the end of January. Thousands of US truckers joined the Canadian convoy and Canadian truckers vowed to join them in DC after they win concessions from Trudeau [a tyrant].

In Australia, the “2022 Official Convoy to Canberra” has more than 44,000 members on Facebook and more than 10,000 followers on Telegram as of Thursday. The group is planning to meet in the capital by Jan. 31 to protest vaccine mandates.

European truckers are organizing to protest vaccine mandates as well. The European Convoy Telegram channel has more than 7,300 members. Truckers are organizing across Europe, including the Netherlands, France, Hungary, and more, to converge on Brussels by Feb. 7.

New York is governed by 97% of leftists in New York City but without them, New York is a red state. The freedom-loving New Yorkers, who joined the Canadian truckers, are forming a New York Convoy War Room.  My nephew and his wife, both nurses terminate from Stony Brook hospital over mandated vaccines, are working on supplies for a convoy to DC. They’re looking for supplies and donations on telegram, using GiveSendGo.

It’s taking off on Long Island and Upstate.

Canada just might have started the peaceful revolution we are waiting for. While I am vaccinated, I am opposed to mandates by petty despots who are not empowered to create arbitrary and oppressive rules, circumventing Congress. Vaccines are not my biggest issue but it might be a hill worth dying on at this point, figuratively speaking.


The one thing that surprised me is that there are Democrats who don’t want to be enslaved by Big Government. It’s a relief to know.

The government will try to slap us down, frighten us, or distract us. Don’t be afraid. There are things worse than fear — like not being free. I lived in New York all my life and I remember when the government had very little influence in my life. Now it’s like a Damocles Sword over our heads. They don’t let us do a thing without backdoor taxes and they take our money without representation. The people in power are put there by the ill-informed of which there are many.

There is this California to DC group (dates to be released):

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