Biden Regime Goes So Far As to Open a Two-Spirit Myth Office


DOJ’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) is hunting for an organization that will be paid a $1 million starter fee to implement the agency’s plan to create a ​​National Resource Center for Justice-Involved LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit youth (transgender Indians and it’s based on a myth).

They are using vulnerable youth for their social engineering experimentation. They are taking children with mental stress and possibly making them crazy based on a myth.

A two-spirited indigenous float in the annual Toronto Pride parade.

A listing on the OJJDP website explains that the center will “develop and disseminate resources (e.g., fact sheets, toolkits, online curriculums, webinars, training and guidance manuals, etc.)” and that the program will seek to provide “training and technical assistance to juvenile justice practitioners to assist them in meeting the needs of justice-involved LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit youth.” It will also “inform justice systems policies, practices, and/or programs.”

This is literally insane. They are taking the two-spirit myth created by white males in 1990 Winnepeg to falsely claim transgender Indians always existed. It’s divisive and it’s a myth promulgated by one man.


Two-spirit is nothing more than trans activism. The Left, mostly white liberal men, is rewriting history. They are telling children to mutilate themselves and are redefining the human identities of men and women. This is a new kind of oppression orchestrated by a rigid leftist society that is being built before our eyes. It’s build back better on steroids.

There is no crazy too crazy for the Biden [Obama-Soros?] administration because they are trying to destroy this country right before our eyes.

Basically, as Dr. Emma Hilton has said, the white males are colonizing Indians again. The historical claims made for the two-spirit myth are non-existent. Two-spirit ideology came from one 14-page article with scant evidence at best. There is NO evidence two-spirit ever meant trans before 1990.

We are taking children and putting them into a world of unreality.

And you still doubt that we are being overtaken by statists, far worse than any communists before them? They have AI now, which makes them far more dangerous than anything we have experienced in written history.

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1 year ago

What’s next? Voodoo?

1 year ago

Not even Native Americans are safe from grooming and meddling with by DemComs. FJB!

Mad Celt
Mad Celt
1 year ago

Accuse ‘conservatives’ of being unfair, unjust and cruel and they’ll oblige by falling silent. No one stands up and says ‘that’s just plain crazy and evil to boot.’ Instead, it’s a rush to see how they can compromise with these reprobates.