Biden Regime Throws More of Our Energy Business to Our Enemies


Biden is stepping up his war on US energy, making a lot of far-left Democrats happy, and all in the name of saving the climate. His latest move will aid and abet China and Russia, two of our sworn enemies.

It is another offering to the apostles of climate change. He will immediately halt US federal aid for oil, gas, and coal project overseas, throwing Europe and the US further into the arms of foreign suppliers — China, Russia, Iran, OPEC, to name a few.


“The wide-ranging directive for the first time bars U.S. government backing for future ventures, potentially affecting billions of dollars in annual funding as well as diplomatic and technical assistance. The move was detailed in a cable sent late last week to U.S. embassies,” reports Bloomberg News.

There are exemptions, but it will “affect many potential foreign projects, including terminals in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean to receive shipments of US natural gas.” It rules out government support, diplomatic, and technical assistance benefiting developers of pipelines, liquefied natural gas terminals, and other projects overseas.”

Biden, the figurehead, will boost financing and assistance to support net-zero transitions around the world.


To become a [near] net-zero carbon emitter by 2050, the government will have to buy tens of thousands of electric vehicles and find places to buy the energy to support them.

Natural gas is one of the cheapest and cleanest sources of energy but he wants to make it impossible to drill or pump it.

If Europe and the Caribbean have difficulty importing natural gas, it makes them more reliant on Russia for their gas. It also keeps the US from making money off natural gas exports.

Someone will fund the projects he is abandoning and it will most likely be China, as Zerohedge reports.

Having a fool for a figurehead president and not knowing who is running the government so we can control them isn’t working out for the USA.

Biden is deeply embedded into the ESG agenda, a Marxist agenda tied to The Great Reset that will turn the West into a technocratic bureaucracy run by a small number of elites.

The US will still have to use fossil fuels, especially since the Left won’t go to nuclear energy, and what this does is force the US to abandon its wealth and resources to totalitarian regimes, while having to buy their products.

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