Looks Like US Worked with CCP Military on Gain of Function & Knew of the COV Leak


Judicial Watch obtained 221 pages of NIH records including grants that benefitted the Wuhan lab. It’s a remarkable find for several reasons.

  • They appear to provide proof that they funded gain of function research, and much more.
  • In addition, they show that the US NIH/NIAID knowingly worked with the Chinese military, while Fauci claimed scientists in Wuhan are not military, and he trusted them.
  • Finally, two weeks before we were told about the dangerous coronavirus, Moderna mRNA technology was transferred in a secret deal to Dr. Baric, Wuhan bat lady’s partner. The Baric people are the same people who in January and February demonized anyone who dared say the virus might have resulted from a lab leak.
  • This group wouldn’t even accept the fact that the CCP let their citizens travel the world at the time while not allowing them to travel within China.

The pieces appear to be coming together. It looks like a lab leak that the US helped create with an illicit process. Then the US covered it up.


On January 27, 2020, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) official David Morens emailed Chief of Staff Greg Folkers in a heavily redacted thread. It indicated that NIAID has supported EcoHealth’s work — Peter Daczak, Ralph Baric, Ian Lipkin, et al — for five years.

They worked on the Swine Virus and “Found SARS-related CoVs that can bind to human cells (Published in Nature), and that cause SARS-like disease in humanized mouse models.”

In 2014 through 2025, they increased an award for Daszak’s project. “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.”

The Award Linking NIH/NIAID to the CCP Military

The award indicated, The specialists also note that award grantees using “Highly Pathogenic Agents” “may warrant a biocontainment safety facility of BSL3 or higher.” 

The award linked to a letter showing the US provided funding for and worked with The Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing, and The Second Military Medical University, as The Gateway Pundit first reported.

China Is Not Our Friend

It is also true that the Wuhan lab is suspected of operating under the dominance of the Chinese military. The military basically runs everything in China. (Bat Lady denies it). Wuhan and other labs are strongly suspected of being bio-weapons labs.

We all know China is collecting DNA samples of everyone in the world, particularly of certain ethnicities and genders.

Additionally, they have hypersonic weapons and satellites overhead that make it look like they are preparing a first strike, according to former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of State General John Hyten as they weaponize space.

The Secret Moderna Deal

Then there is the Moderna deal. Moderna’s mRNA technology was made in conjunction with NIH/NIAID with taxpayer funding. Two weeks before news of the COV-19 virus on December 31, 2019, The NIH/NIAID signed a deal to transfer the mRNA technology (that made the COV vaccine possible) to Dr. Ralph Baric, the Wuhan bat lady’s colleague in studying bats and coronaviruses.


The grant application included biographies of Dr. Shi Zhengli, head of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and Prof. Ralph Baric of UNC-Chapel Hill.

In July 2020, HHS wrote a letter to EcoHealth Alliance regarding funding. That was after the COV pandemic barn door was closed. Among the budget items in the EcoHealth grant application, was one for supplies for “bats trapping” and “viral transport media.”

The plan also included support for developing a chimeric virus with a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone expressing SHC014 S protein with 10% sequence divergence from SARS-DoV S. This chimera replicated in human airway epithelium, using the human ACE2 receptor to enter cells. Thus, SARS-CoVs with diverse variants of SL-CoV S protein without deletions in the RBD can use human ACE2 as receptor for cell entry.” [Emphasis in original]

They claimed they weren’t trying to genetically manipulate SARS-CoV over the course of this proposal. However, They planned to genetically manipulate the full length bat SARSr-CoV WIV1 strain molecular clone during the course of the proposal, but they claimed it wasn’t transmissible.

How is this not gain of function?

“These records are proof positive that US tax dollars were dishonestly used by Fauci’s agency to fund ‘gain of function’ coronavirus research,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Fauci Also Lied Under Oath to Congress

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