Biden replaces ‘mom’ with birthing person in the budget to please transgenders


Joe Biden has replaced ‘mothers’ with ‘birthing people’ in his budget, reducing mothers to their biological reproductive capabilities. The reason Biden and his weird backers are doing this is because men can supposedly have babies too.

“To help end this high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people – and in addition to the investment in maternal health included in the American Families Plan – the Budget includes more than $200 million,” says the fiscal 2022 document, according to The Washington Times.

Democrats would have us believe that ‘mom’ is done.

Watch the weird Democrats:

This isn’t normal. These people aren’t normal, and there is nothing normal about wanting to erase mothers, or think men are women, and boys can be girls.

To say you are a transgender woman immediately says you’re not a woman. It says you’re a transgender.

Apparently, they think violating women’s rights is a winner for them. Forward to 2022 ad 2024 as nutcases.


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