Biden revives his fake “Hey Joey…thought he was going to get shot” story


Joe Biden was out trying to sell another trillion-dollar package the USA can’t afford when he dove into one of his fake dementia stories about an Amtrak incident.

Biden was in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on Tuesday when he revived the fake tales.

“A guy named Angelo Negri came up to me, he goes, ‘Joey Baby!’ He grabs my cheek like that — and I thought they were gonna shoot him. I really did…” Biden said.

He told the story about Angelo in May, claiming in his 4th or 5th year as vice president, Angelo the conductor came up to him when he passed his one-millionth mile on Amtrak. He claimed the conductor pinched his cheek and said, “‘Joey, babbbbyyyyy,’ and he grabbed my cheek like he always did. I thought he was going to get shot. I’m serious. I said, ‘No, no, he’s a friend.’”

That wasn’t true.

Joe Biden’s mom died in 2010 and the Amtrak conductor, Angelo retired in 1993, years before he hit his one-millionth mile.

Joey Baby constantly lies about everything, you know man.



While he’s planning to raise taxes astronomically and already has with increases in food, energy, and other items, he’s pretending he’s going to give us tax breaks.

“And people say, ‘well, that’s a giveaway.’ Hey, guys, I think it’s time to give ordinary people a tax break. The wealthy are doing fine.”

“I mean it. I mean it. Why is this not a tax break for working folks when the stuff we give to the super-wealthy are called tax breaks? Look, major action on clean energy, housing, caregiving, on child and paid leave, universal pre-K, free community college,” he added.

[All socialist welfare goodies]

“The human infrastructure is intertwined with our physical infrastructure. It’s going to help us create more good jobs, ease the burden on working families and strengthen our economy in the long run. And I’m going to be out there making the case for the American people until this job is done until we bring this bipartisan deal home,” he said.

There is no giveaway. Someone always pays and it’s not Joey or his Democrat buddies.


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