Biden Rewards Illegal Alien Families Separated Under Trump


The Biden administration is running a sue and settle operation with a wink and a nod. The unAmerican ACLU sued them for separating illegal alien families as they broke into the country illegally. It only applies to the Trump presidency. The settlement is for the government to offer all of them temporary status and benefits if separated under the Trump presidency, but only the Trump presidency.

Who knows if they were even eligible? Who does the screening? The ACLU?

Now the open borders crowd has another precedent.

Under the terms of the settlement, Reuters reports, illegal immigrants from separated families will be allowed to apply for temporary legal status and a work permit, which would be valid for three years. They will also be permitted to apply for asylum in the United States via Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The deal, which still has to be approved by a US district court judge, will also give separated families access to temporary housing support for one year and some healthcare, including behavioral services.

On a policy level, the settlement will prevent the federal government from separating families at the border for a period of eight years, except in numerous situations, including exceptions for “reasons of national security, criminal warrants, medical emergencies or if a child’s safety is at risk.”

This is what communism looks like. They are crashing the system.

Biden administration officials and ACLU lawyers celebrated the move, with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas saying it was a step forward in “condemning the cruelty of the past.”

They were separated because the parents were arrested for breaking immigration law when we had immigration laws.

According to the ACLU, nearly 4,000 children were separated from their families under the policy, which was in place from May to June 2018 until Trump signed an executive order barring the practice. As of 2023, between 500 and 1,000 children have not reconnected with their next of kin.

Some of the parents refused to take the children back.

As Reuters reports, separating families was taking place before the policy went into effect and afterward.
While this lawsuit applies to Trump’s actions, the former president slammed the Biden administration over its failure to secure the border. Since taking office, the current commander-in-chief has overseen the worst border crisis in American history, with millions of people crossing into the country illegally.

How ironic it all is. Democrats will do anything to have all the power, and they use illegal aliens as political cudgels.

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