Biden says 200 million Americans were to die of COV by yesterday or so


If Joe Biden wins the election, he will be our first blatantly puppet president. Democrats are fine with the fact that he doesn’t know what he is saying.

Two hundred million were supposed to die by the time Joe Biden finished his talk on Sunday. At least that is what he said. The media that does mention it calls it a gaffe. It’s hardly a gaffe.

As Biden demanded the U.S. Senate do nothing on a potential Supreme Court nominee, he said, “It’s estimated 200 million people have died probably by the time I finish this talk.”

There are only 328 million people in this country.

Several minutes later, he read from the teleprompter — “200,000.”

Biden just reads off the teleprompter — mindlessly.

Then, almost immediately, he said 6 million have been infected. This is crazy.



Kamala Harris is mostly MIA. She won’t answer questions and has only given a few speeches. When she makes appearances, the teeny crowds have to be gathered for her. She’s a remarkably unlikeable person.

Reportedly, Biden will pick Harris to prosecute the Trump pick for the Supreme Court. She can be vicious.

They are encouraging riots so they can win:

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