Power behind the riots and the looting


Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) put the rioters and looters on notice with a new bill, and it puts Speaker Pelosi on the spot.

When the House rejects it, Democrats will need to explain why.

The two representatives released a statement announcing the move. The bill grants the attorney general the authority to withhold up to 10 percent of Department of Justice (DOJ) grants from cities and states where prosecutors are failing to prosecute crimes arising from riots and other violent protests.

The DOJ is responsible for determining prosecutorial misconduct for the purposes of implementing this legislation.

This comes as the DOJ declared Seattle, New York City, and Portland, anarchist jurisdictions, putting some of their funding in doubt.


There is no question that George Soros is buying sheriffs and district attorney elections throughout the nation to implement his socialist plan for the United States and beyond. He is attempting to buy Florida and other swing states to aid Joe Biden. He picks the furthest left candidate to support.

Soros poured at least $33 million into the hate group Black Lives Matter. Recently, he gave more than double that into BLM and like groups. They are behind the riots.

Fox News used to be the only network that would allow discussion of his negative influence, but no longer.

Recently, when Newt Gingrich mentioned his malevolent influence, he was immediately shut down by Melissa Francis and Marie Harf. While Harris Faulkner apologized, the message was sent.

Newt was given the message — it’s verboten:

Bill O’Reilly was one of George Soro’s victims and he knows what he’s up to. Soros is using his millions to warp the US justice system by empowering far-left insurgents:

Victoria Toensing and her husband Joe diGenova are no longer on Fox because they tried to explain what Soros was up to:

Chris Farrell, an investigator for Judicial Watch was banned and an episode of his comments on Lou Dobbs was dropped after he mentioned Soros and his influence on global migration.

Farrell said that the “Soros-occupied State Department” was funding the large caravan of migrants at the US border.  Fox News saw it as anti-Semitic as if Soros, reportedly an atheist, is actually viewed as Jewish. Soros spent his youth confiscating the belongings of Jewish people in Nazi Germany. He was only 14 at the time, but still, he said he doesn’t feel guilty about it.

The left threatened lawsuits and claimed Farrell was anti-Semitic. They also claimed it was a conspiracy theory. How can we know that if we are not allowed to discuss it?

This is what Farrell said [it was wiped from the Fox News archives]:

Fox told Glenn Beck not to mention God, Israel, and George Soros [We know Judge Jeanine can’t mention the corrupt Ilhan Omar]. Beck said this is part of the Soros global plan. He claims Soros and Hillary’s state department implemented Civil Society 2.0 and their seven pillars of color revolution.


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