Biden Says His $1.2T Bill Will Be a “Fundamental Change for America” & Costs Zero


Joe Biden hailed the fake infrastructure bill — which is mostly a first step towards turning us into socialists — as a “fundamental change for America.” He is right about that.

He stood next to the often MIA Kamala Harris for the passage of the $1.2T bill and once again lied and said it “won’t cost a penny” and it will “ease inflation.”

That’s already been debunked and it’s a ridiculous statement even for the most economically challenged president on the globe.

President Joe Biden said his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill would help rebuild America’s middle class. It will actually not do that.

He claimed the bill “won’t cost a penny” and would ease the supply crunch and inflation. He didn’t explain how it would do that since almost nothing goes to ease the supply chain problem of regulations and oppressive California laws.

Economists warn this calculation is based on the extra taxes Biden plans to raise covering all his anticipated spending, and say the math he’s using is rudimentary.

The House passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill with a vote of 228 to 206, sending the bill to President Joe Biden’s desk.

President Biden said the country “took a monumental step forward” [to Marxism].

The vote came after a day of haggling between progressive and the two somewhat moderate Democrats.

The result is allegedly a substantial triumph for Biden’s Democrats, who have bickered for months over the ambitious spending bills.

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