Insane Climate Radicals Scream, “End Capitalism, Abolish Police, Prisons, Colonialism, Free Blacks”


Climate activists screamed for an end to capitalism in Glasgow during the Cop26. They called for, “black liberation”, and the abolition of police and prisons.

The elites at the Nations COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland are on the same page. They too are communists who are planning The Great Reset.

The crazies gathered in George Square in central Glasgow on Saturday. The mob included climate activists, indigenous communities in South America, Asia, and Africa, coming togetther to denounce Western imperialism and the alleged racism inherent in climate change.

Edinburgh University medical student and climate activist Mikaela Loach said that the UK government’s decision to go forward with oil exploration projects was “worse than hypocrisy”, saying that “it is violence”.

“These are last resort times,” she said demanding “audacious” action to confront the government.

“We must demand an end to capitalism. We must demand an end to white supremacy. We must demand black liberation. We must abolish prisons and the police,” she proclaimed.

“Our demands should not be toned down or palatable. They should worry, disrupt, and challenge the status quo,” Loach said.

Watch the insanity of people who want to rule the world in two clips:

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