Biden says we lost 85,000 jobs, millions of people, millions of jobs


Former vice president Joe Biden gets nothing right in this next speech. He can’t get through a sentence accurately. It’s not humorous. This man could become president and he’s suffering from some kind of brain problem, possibly dementia.

It’s remarkable that Democrats want to shove this man down our throats so whoever he picks for VP will likely end up filling out his term.

There is no question, it will be someone from the far-left. This is something people do in Banana Republics.

Democrats have moved to the far-left, of that there is little doubt. They just don’t know how fast they can push this country into socialism. From the looks of things, they won’t wait long. They are trying to turn Texas blue so they have a permanent electoral majority. When they win, the USA as we know it is over.

They know Joe is just meant to be a figurehead and they don’t care. In fact, that makes him more amenable to anything the far-left wants to do.

Biden doesn’t have much self-respect and his family seems to be just as bad. He wants the power and position so badly, he is willing to go out each day and make a complete fool of himself.

Watch, he doesn’t even try for accuracy on anything:

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