Senator believes Biden might have leaked Flynn conversation to WaPo — it’s a felony


Senator Barrasso was on with Stuart Varney Friday when he said that the same day Joe Biden obtained the unmasking information on Mike Flynn, it was leaked to the Washington Post.

Barrasso said it would be a crime punishable by ten years in jail.

Varney added that many other people requested the unmasking of Flynn, so it would be difficult to pin it on one guy.

A total of 39 people unmasked General Flynn and someone illegally leaked.

If Biden did it, would he even know? He doesn’t know where he is much of the time.


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Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
3 years ago

That is so cute when people actually believe that the law applies to everyone.
Grammaw would say bless your heart.
Don’t hold your breath about anyone being held accountable and the enemedia will sink to even lower levels to protect their messiah Hussein Hopenchange.