Biden Screamed at America from Pennsylvania But Then Dementia Set In!


The dark forces of Joe Biden

Biden screamed during his latest speech, bellowing, “America is Back!” He said the words in all seriousness as Chinese Communists fly a spy balloon throughout the United States without resistance. He screamed to convince us we are back, and then he quickly went senile.

He was at yet another event in Pennsylvania with Kamala Harris when he devolved.

As an aside, is he going to make Pennsylvania the Capitol? He’s always there. Maybe it’s because it is close to home, where he spends at least 25% of his time.

Dementia Exhibition

“You know what? America is back,” he screamed, “and we’re leading the world again!”

(Then he looked desperate as dementia set in)

“We are! We’ve united Europe! We’ve united the, we’ve united the, Asia, Japan. Japan is doing more than its ever done.

“We have Aukaseal (whatever that is) dealing with everything, Australia and India, we’re uniting the world.”

As a balloon spies over the United States in what could be a dry run for an EMP attack, we’re united! He should have shot the balloon down days ago.

He is uniting the world on the road to a nuclear World War III.

Part of the unity he refers to is his hellish COVID response that went worldwide.

He’s bringing into the country the world’s deadbeats, drug and sex traffickers, and communists, as is Europe. We’re united!

Climate-trash peddlers around the world are united with us.

Russia is still invading Ukraine, and its economy is fine after the sanctions. We’re united with Europe  in that too. Sanctions are killing us.

Mexico is a narco-terrorist nation, and Canada is a dystopian nightmare. We’re uniting with them as well.

Our enemies fly spy balloons, steal our secrets, and invade all pillars of society. Maybe Joe should stop uniting us.

His audience cheered him on when he spoke, but did they mean it? Are they insane?

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

If the coin says, In God we trust, then let us pray “God Save America!”
Remember the old saying, Work hard like it all depends on you, but pray remembering in the end it all depends on God.

What are you, the individual reader doing to help bring about a desperately needed reformation in 2024? Get active, make things happen.

1 year ago

Traitor Joe missed the “Don’t ask what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country” speech. Isn’t 50 years in Government just a little too much?

1 year ago

I’m not all that religious, but I pray daily for Divine Intervention!

Scare of Future
Scare of Future
1 year ago

So true, thank you !!!