NY’s Dangerous Bill to Destroy Zoning Rights and Suburbs


A suburban neighborhood sidewalk and street with colorful trees during autumn

In mid-January, Governor Hochul announced her intention of adding 800,000 low-income housing facilities on Long Island and upstate. This is as poor, uneducated, and criminal aliens enter the state illegally. There is resistance, but she has a plan to destroy all opposition by ending zoning laws as we know them.

She plans to implement her tyrannical rule partly by setting local targets and fast-tracking projects in areas that don’t meet them in the next three years. Hochul is meeting resistance since it will drastically change all communities into Democrat entities of loose law enforcement and ignorant voters. Hochul has a plan to eliminate that resistance.

The Affirmative Fair Housing Act

If you remember, Barack Obama pushed the affirmative fair housing act into place when he was president. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Kathy Hochul is looking to accelerate it here in New York. There’s already precedent for it with the Mount Laurel decision in New Jersey. It has pushed the housing act in New Jersey and is destroying zoning laws.

It will destroy the suburbs and make every suburb a metropolitan area. Some people believe Democrats are doing this to get votes in the suburbs, which are traditionally Republican. What progressive Democrats plan to do is move people who are here illegally into those areas, and they will vote Democrat.

The only thing standing in Hochul’s way is the rights of the people in cities, villages, and towns. This includes zoning. Hochul has a solution to that in this one-party state.


A NY Senate bill, S162, limits the authority of cities, villages, and towns to impose certain zoning requirements. This is very dangerous in light of Gov. Hochul’s goal of pushing the Affirmative Fair Housing Act on Long Island and Upstate. She would convert each suburban and rural area into a Democrat-run urban hellhole.

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