NY’s Dangerous Constitutional Amendment Goes to Voters in 2024


A State Constitutional Amendment Will Go To Voters In 2024


On Tuesday, January 24th, the State Senate and Assembly passed for the second time a proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the State Constitution. The amendment, S.108/A.1283, sponsored by Senator Liz Krueger and Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, will extend current constitutional protections against discrimination to several new protected classes. It also protects access to contraception and abortion. Since there are laws protecting ‘protected classes’ and contraception and abortion, this amendment is purely political.

The amendment makes everyone a special untouchable class except for people they disagree with, including those who are pro-life or opposed to gender ideology. For example, if a parent tries to stop the gender mutilation of his/her child, it’s discrimination.


“Days after what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe, we are affirming yet again that we will not allow New Yorkers to be pulled backward; we will not allow the progress we have made on reproductive freedom to be undone,” said Senator Krueger. “Women have waited far too long to be included in our State Constitution, but so have LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, Latinos, and everyone who has faced discrimination based on characteristics that are beyond their control. ..”

Voting rights are harmed by not requiring voter ID and mail-in balloting. But radicals have won. Loose voting laws are in place in New York. They will push the envelope further with this amendment.

“We have witnessed the obliteration by our nation’s highest judicial tribunal of fifty years of federal protection of the rights of women to determine the future of their bodies,” said Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright. “As the federal courts turn the clock back on Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Voting Rights, we cannot and must not stand by while freedom of choice and freedom from discrimination are so outrageously denied. ..”

Abortion is protected, as is marriage equality. By adding additional and unnecessary ‘protected classes’ to this bill, they will likely go after political opponents. It could include parents, doctors, nurses, therapists, churches, cake makers, wedding planners, and others. It will include anyone who doesn’t abide by their radical ideology on gender, loose voting laws, marriage, and whatever else they come up with.


The amendment to the State’s Equal Protection clause adds new protected classes. It prohibits so-called discrimination on account of a person’s age, disability, ethnicity, national origin, or sex – including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes [letting a born-alive baby die?], and reproductive healthcare choices.

In other words, they can, for example, use this to charge anyone who criticizes gender ideology criminally. They can look to sue or charge people who reject gender mutilations of children.

The amendment passed the Senate and the Assembly. It will go to voters for ratification in the November 2024 general election.

The progressive radicals will keep presenting it until it passes. People have to keep fighting against it. It’s not protection for special classes. It’s discrimination against people who disagree. We have laws protecting everyone. but now they want to change the state constitution with this amendment.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

True science and revealed wisdom mean nothing. It is all about propaganda and pandering to the “mob” for power, wealth etc.
Soon the sky will be green and the grass black because the unruly mob demands it.

1 month ago

People are leaving New York and California because they are beyond help!

1 month ago

A complete violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, as are all laws pertaining to “protected classes”.

Last edited 1 month ago by 8675310
1 month ago

Uughh a lot of upstaters are still fighting but were burning out and thats why so meny are leaving nys