Biden sends aid to Palestinians, won’t commit to Israel


Biden sent millions to the Palestinian terrorists while refusing to commit to replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome missiles.

Without the Iron Dome, the terrorists will destroy Israel. Palestinians have caused fifty years of misery.


After the media asked about Israel, they asked about Cheney. Nothing else matters, not inflation, the border crisis, pipeline hacking, nothing. They care nothing about this country or their ally.


US Secretary for Israel-Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr has landed in Israel on Friday, as part of Washington’s efforts to deescalate the most intense bout of fighting between Gaza-based Islamist terrorists and the Jewish state since 2014.

Psaki said Israel has the “right to self-defense.”

The administration drew the moral equivalence card: “Israelis and Palestinians deserve equal measures of freedom, security, dignity and prosperity.”

Palestinians are trouble makers, unwelcomed throughout the world.

The Biden administration is trying to straddle the fence. The hardcore Left they have partnered with hates Israel and hates Jews.



  1. It looks like 67 once again. Everyone assumed Israel wouldn’t survive and some said maybe the Jews can move somewhere else. Maybe they could go to Uganda as Herzl once suggested.

    I’d be curious what Ambassador Danny Ayalon has to say now. Earlier today he was on Jerusalem TV and “claimed’ Biden wouldn’t be so bad.

    One thing is for certain. In every damn administration who desires to ‘push’ for peace (Two State solution) ends up with a major conflict. The US and the World, and the UN, constantly rile up tensions that create the situation now unfolding. When will “Diplomats” learn you can’t shove peace down people’s throat. Hell, hasn’t Iraq and Afghanistan proved that by now. Notice how officials and titles are named, – Peace “Process”. It’s just another method for those who produce absolutely **nothing” to have jobs and get paid.

  2. There are many in Israel who say they should disengage with the US military support. The money Israel Does get is lost in foreign trade with American Allies. It is forbidden for Israel to sell certain products to American Allies. If Israel weren’t prohibited it is likely would gain in the long run. It also was a mistake for Israel to end their fighter jet program. It was far superior to the US aircraft.

  3. And people wonder why I refer to Joe as Traitor Joe. Palestinians are shunned by other Arabs because everywhere they go they cause trouble. According to British sources, Palestinians have a barely normal IQ of 85, which is apparently on par with Traitor Joe. How can people even think about making someone with numerous documented stokes and obvious brain damage a President? I wonder about the average IQ in America now! For sure the IQ of Democrats because only a moron would support Terrorist Palestinians.

  4. Military equipment massing on borders, wars and rumors of wars, fighter jet escort, bomber overflight, a rocket launch, artillery sounding off, an exchange of naval gunfire, see what happens when you elect a Cheeto Hitler! (oh wait)

  5. The Democrat Party loves wars. Minor wars are good for the coffers of the military industrial complex. Wars make money for the corrupt government officials that manage to get them started and prolong them by not applying force enough to win, just enough to keep the cheer leaders happy back home.

    Biden and his anti-American handlers will fund the Palestinians, Iranians and other Israel haters and delay or withhold weapons maintenance from Israel enough to get a full fledged war started. Winning such a war is not their goal.

    However, a war between Israel and any of the ME countries would not be controlled by Washington bureaucrats. They may be unhappily surprised when Israel wins quickly as they did in the 6 Day War 54 years ago.

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