Biden Sent Children to Haiti Who Didn’t Have Haitian Passports


This is the anniversary of Team Biden sending black children to Haiti who didn’t have Haitian passports. Like most Haitians who came to the US illegally in September of last year, they had been living everywhere except Haiti.

They should all be sent back and not invited in the first place, but not like that. The children should be sent back to the country where they lived.

As we reported twice since the 15th, Joe Biden made a deal with the dictator of Haiti after the murder of Haiti’s President. Biden wouldn’t push for the democratic elections and allowed a dictator to become president and prime minister. In return, Dictator Henry would take back thousands of the Haitians living under a bridge in Del Rio.

Biden and the rest of the Democrats didn’t like the optics so close to an election, so they made the deal that has further destroyed Haiti.

It gets worse.

In September 2021, Democrats sent at least 41 children to Haiti even though they did not have Haitian passports. They came from other countries and were citizens or residents of those countries.

If you remember, the Haitians had embarked on a long and dangerous journey even though many lived in Chile, Brazil, and other countries. We then sent thousands back to Haiti, including children who may never have even been to Haiti.

No one bothered to find out. Democrats in power were concerned about the optics and just wanted the black people gone.

Biden and the Democrats did it because they didn’t care. They don’t care about these people. They live in a type of Martha’s Vineyard bubble, away from reality and caring about the less fortunate. Sure, they donate and put up signs. That’s all well and good, but to give you an example, the homeless coordinator at the Vineyard is there to immediately ship out any homeless who show up, including the 50 migrants from Venezuela sent up from Florida.

The report from September 2021:

The US deported dozens of children to Haiti even though they don’t have Haitian passports, CNN reported, citing the UN’s International Organization for Migration.

… a total of 170 children deported as part of US efforts to remove thousands of Haitians gathered at the US-Mexico border, CNN reported.

Forty one of them did not hold Haitian passports, the report said, citing Giuseppe Loprete, chief of mission for the IOM. Thirty had Chilean passports, nine had Brazilian passports, and two had Venezuelan passports, Loprete said.

The Biden administration has been working to break up some 14,000 Haitians who have in recent months gathered under a bridge connecting Del Rio, Texas, with Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

It wasn’t just children. Several people sent back said they hadn’t been living in Haiti. Most came from Chile and other places. They weren’t refugees.

Our administration just didn’t care. Only the politics and the optics mattered. Maybe Biden and Democrats are the kidnappers.

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