50 Illegal Migrants in Woke Paradise Outrage Dems More Than 51 Suffocating in a Texas Truck


50 Illegal Migrants in Woke Paradise Outrage Dems More Than

51 Suffocating in a Texas Truck

by James S. Soviero

On June 28th of this year, 51 illegal migrants died after being trapped inside a sweltering tractor-trailer truck, found abandoned in San Antonio, Texas.  It was the greatest loss of life on record from a human trafficking attempt in the United States.

The deceased included 39 men and 12 women.  Most of them were citizens of Mexico.  Local authorities described finding the rear door to the trailer open with “stacks of bodies” inside, while others were strewn collapsed nearby. Some of the victims were hot to the touch.

It was a God-awful scene with onlookers sure to imagine how unspeakably horrific the end must have been for those people.

Given all that, we might have thought this grisly incident would have caused howls of outrage from all those Democrat virtue signalers constantly bleating loud-mouth support for those entering our nation illegally.  It was the perfect time to call attention to the mayhem on our Southern Border.  They would have happily done it if Donald Trump was still president.

But their guy, Open Borders Joe Biden, is in charge now.  So, are those 51, mostly Mexican lives, worth dinging up an already cognitively crippled Dem prez? Hell no!  Their silence was deafening.

What border crisis?

Well, the one they got a tiny taste of this past week when Governor Ron DeSantis flew 50 illegals to their woke, insulated paradise, located on Martha’s Vineyard.

Democrats suffered full foot stomping, pearl-clutching, hissy fits at the prospect of dealing with just over a dozen folks on an island that includes the 29 acres of oceanfront Obama Compound.

Why weren’t these hypocritical phonies expressing similar rage three months ago, when 51 smuggled border crossers died of suffocation in a sweltering tractor-trailer truck outside San Antonio?

Probably because it was the start of summer, and they were too busy planning their trips to Martha’s Vineyard.

They are that shameless, that awful, and now it’s clear for all to see.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Neither did the bumbling wanna-be-an-elitist and stooge Joe Biden grunt a sound from his snout about the massive seks trafficking of underage children and women occuring right now at the southern border. And that’s because underage seks trafficking and assorted perversions is a widespread money-maker for nameless crime collaborators who he’s protecting and hiding. NOT. A. WORD.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Consider this. Obama had a birthday bash last year that had 475 “special guests” happily partying on his 29 acre estate. Yet the “woke” island of Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t accommodate 50 illegal migrants? The “Diversity & Inclusion President” and former first lady, should have INSISTED those unwashed be sent to their spectacular compound. You can stop laughing now.