Biden Smuggled 320,000 “Newcomers” Into the Country Secretly


Recently, we reported that Catholic NGOs are in foreign countries, selecting foreigners to fly illegally into the US. We’ve also reported that Biden’s  One App program flies them in to avoid the border. They can also fly around this country as “No Name,” and at taxpayer expense.

The Biden administration ADMITS they flew 320,000 migrants secretly into the U.S. to reduce the number of crossings at the border, and they continue to do so.

This has national security “vulnerabilities,” but they don’t care.

A lawsuit reveals Biden’s CBP refuses to disclose airports where it is flying illegal aliens from other countries.

This comes amid a continued flow of migrants over the southern border.

Biden’s expansion of the CBP One app allows migrants to apply for asylum in their country, be flown to the U.S. and given two years to obtain legal status, if they ever even show up at court.

The use of a cell phone app has allowed for the near undetected arrival by air of 320,000 aliens with no legal rights to enter the United States.

It comes after a controversy over a 2022 transportation program in which the administration used taxpayers’ money to move migrants throughout the country on overnight flights.

Included in details of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit first reported by Todd Bensman, the Center for Immigration Studies found Biden’s CBP approved the latest secretive flights that transported hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from foreign countries into at least 43 different American airports from January through December 2023.

The program was part of Biden’s expansion of the CBP One App, which kicked off at the start of last year.

Migrants from their home countries were able, under Biden’s expansion, to apply for asylum using the app.

But the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) notes that the transportation of these migrants directly to the U.S. is one of the lesser known uses of the app.

Aliens who cannot legally enter the U.S. use CBP One to apply for travel authorization and temporary “humanitarian” release from those airports.

Under this parole release, migrants can remain in the U.S. for two years without obtaining legal status and are eligible for work authorization.


The administration first said it would not reveal which airports the illegal, unvetted aliens were transported, citing a ‘law enforcement exception’ in the refusal to hand over information.

But new information from the CIS lawsuit reveals the locations were not disclosed due to fear ‘bad actors’ would harm public safety or the information would create law enforcement vulnerabilities.

CBP lawyers wrote that revealing the airports would “reveal information about the relative number of individuals arriving, and thus resources expended at particular airports.”

That would in turn reveal “operational vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors altering their patterns of conduct, adopting new methods of operation, and taking other countermeasures.”

Is that a joke? The borders are wide open, and we don’t even vet these people. We have no idea who they are. They leave their IDs on the other side of the border. Illegal aliens are even allowed to fly without names.


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