Biden solves the racism problem with racism against whites


Biden is out of control. He has gone full racist. After shutting down small businesses, he will redistribute wealth to minorities. Biden will somehow get banks to give ineligible minorities loans. Whites are not in his equation as a group which doesn’t bode well for the majority of Americans.

The reason we are still in a crisis is because blue state leaders have refused to open up small businesses even though they know the lockdowns do not work.

His solution for racism is racism.

As one commenter noted on the thread: We’re now into the Animal Farm phase of this Orwellian acid trip.


New communista Squad member Cori Bush says she does not want to unite with those with whom she disagrees. She only wants to seek vengeance and no compromise. At least she’s honest.

By the way, there was no insurrection. It was a riot of a small number who went to D.C. on Wednesday.

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