New Mexico Governor Rules State Vehicles to Be Electric by 2035


New Mexico’s dictator, wannabe Lujan Grisham, mandated that all state vehicles in New Mexico must be electric by 2035.

If only the Left followed the science.

Expense is no problem for Lujan: infrastructure, storage, planning – nothing is an issue.

Grisham, L.

When Lujan isn’t violating the Second Amendment, she’s busy conjuring up other mandates.

Fox News reported that she will require every state government agency to transition to an entirely electric vehicle fleet by 2035.

She announced the mandate via executive order during remarks at the state Department of Transportation’s Symposium on the Future of Transportation in New Mexico, reports Fox News.

She will also pursue a plan to bolster electric vehicle (EV) tax credits to boost affordability. Someone should follow the money and see if she’s helping friends or donors.

“The fact of the matter is that consumers and dealers want better access to electric vehicles, and the actions we’ve taken through Clean Car rules and now tax credits are leveling the playing field,” Lujan Grisham said. “I also took action today to make sure the state is ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to widely adopting low- and zero-emission vehicles by requiring the state fleet to be zero-emission by 2035.”

While she won’t be around as governor in 2035, the transition and the tax credits begin now. Like all Democrats, she’s picking the winners, which is often an avenue for playing favorites and kickbacks.

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