Biden spent much of his 20-minute speech Thursday making false claims


Joe Biden took credit for the vaccine and the distribution of the same last night during his teleprompter speech. It was Trump who led the effort to get that vaccine in record time. It was Trump who worked out the distribution plan he currently uses. Trump had already bought and paid for millions of doses before there was a vaccine. All Joe did was exercise his options under the contract they had with Donald Trump.

Joe falsely claimed last night, “A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked.”

He gave Trump no credit and did not say one word about the CCP’s culpability. It sounds like his family’s business interests in China could be the reason.


“On December 31, China reported the coronavirus to the World Health Organization, which came after people had been getting sick with the virus for weeks. Just a few days later, the Trump administration began to repeatedly reach out to the communist Chinese government in an attempt to get into the nation and help respond to the outbreak. China refused to allow U.S. and international scientists into their country,” DW reports.

Then-President Donald Trump had already declared a public health emergency on January 31, 2020, the day after The WHO declared it a pandemic, and restricted travel from China when Biden called him a xenophobe and other derogatory names. This was despite Biden and the media trashing him.

Prior to this, as DW notes, the CDC had acted:

January 6: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Level 1 travel notice for Wuhan, China due to the spreading coronavirus.

January 7: The CDC established a coronavirus incident management system to better share and respond to information about the virus.

January 11: The CDC updated a Level 1 travel health notice for Wuhan, China.

January 17: The CDC began implementing public health entry screening at the 3 U.S. airports that received the most travelers from Wuhan – San Francisco, New York JFK, and Los Angeles.

January 20: Dr. Fauci announced that the National Institutes of Health was already working on the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus.

January 21: The CDC activated its emergency operations center to provide ongoing support to the coronavirus response.

China didn’t quarantine Wuhan until January 23. Even after they did, they allowed their people to travel the world, just not within China.

Biden said NOTHING about China last night. He just lied about Trump.

All Joe Biden did was follow Trump’s plan with minor tweaks.

Then Biden said: “That’s why I’m using every power I have as President of the United States to put us on a war footing to get the job done. It sounds like hyperbole, but I mean it: a war footing. And thank God we’re making some real progress now. On my first full day in office, I outlined for you a comprehensive strategy to beat this pandemic. And we have spent every day since attempting to carry it out. Two months ago, the country — this country didn’t have nearly enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all or near all of the American public. But soon we will.”

What a bald-faced lie.

No one could address it better than Mark Levin:

Former HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Brett Giroir, the federal official overseeing coronavirus testing efforts, has had it with Biden and his staff.

He took credit for the work of Donald Trump’s team.

Biden continued, “We’ve been working with the vaccine manufacturers — Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson — to manufacture and purchase hundreds of millions of doses of these three safe, effective vaccines. And now, at the direction and with the assistance of my administration, Johnson & Johnson is working together with a competitor, Merck, to speed up and increase the capacity to manufacture new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is one shot.

“In fact, just yesterday, I announced — and I met with the CEOs of both companies — I announced our plan to buy an additional 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines. These two companies — competitors — have come together for the good of the nation, and they should be applauded for it.”

Even The Washington Post reported that Biden’s victories were built on Trump’s teams’ work. Those meetings were established by Donald Trump in a conference call on January 4th with Merck and Johnson & Johnson, rivals who now work together on producing the vaccine.

The breakthrough touted by Biden was first conceived by Trump officials last year, culminating in a Jan. 4 conference call arranged between Merck and Johnson & Johnson’s senior leaders, said four Trump administration officials with knowledge of the efforts, WaPo reported.

“Biden can take credit for finishing the deal, that’s for sure,” said Paul Mango, a former Health and Human Services deputy chief of staff and one of those Trump officials. “But it wasn’t an original idea he [Trump] had.”

Nothing he said about the vaccine and distribution is true and he has been corrected many times. Yet, he keeps lying as he ‘unifies’ us.

Biden has marching orders for us.

Biden also told Americans Thursday night he may have to reinstate pandemic restrictions, but if you stick to the rules, you might get to celebrate Independence Day, in some form anyway.

There is a “good chance” people can gather with their close loved ones in their backyards by Independence Day, but that “doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together,” Biden announced.

Who is he to control us beyond what the pandemic, now barely an epidemic, requires? The progressive left is trying to rob us of our freedoms, and he’s letting them.

Biden is feeble, not uniting us, and he’s a totalitarian who lies.


Don’t worry, Dr. Fauci will give you your orders soon.

He called Dr. Fauci the “most trusted man in America. He’s not, but he is going to tell us what we are allowed to do with new guidelines. “They will address travel, they will address workplaces, they will address houses of worship,” Fauci said of the upcoming recommendations. “You’re gonna see that coming out pretty quickly.”

Fauci is going to tell you what to do regarding travel, workplace, and church. Some say they want to keep this up for any infection that comes along.

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