Biden supporter Meghan McCain BLASTS “COWARD” Biden


In a series of harshly-worded tweets, Meghan McCain blasted President Joe Biden’s administration for the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan and said “every single person” in it should be “dragged in front of congress.”

“May God forgive our country for what we have done to these people,” the former co-host of “The View” tweeted Monday.

“And may every single person in the Biden administration be dragged in front of congress and held accountable for this,” she added. “Every single one.”

We don’t disagree with Meghan McCain but she did vote for this. She was a big Biden supporter.

Anti-Trumper, Biden supporter, McCain said in a tweet, “Is anyone in the White House going to do anything?!? ~ or will the Afghan interpreters who helped our troops for 20 years just be slaughtered while our President and his staff gets brunch and goes sailing? This is all so bad it’s like some kind of twisted parody.”

She called him a “coward” and we agree but he’s her guy! Hopefully, she has learned from her mistakes.

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