The Left’s push to pack the court was another lie


Karen Kataline Commentary

The Left’s push to pack the court was another lie

Another one bites the dust.

Amy Coney Barrett, that bastion of Liberty and defender of the Constitution just ripped off her mask.

She did this: Justice Amy Barrett denies appeal from Indiana University students fighting COVID-19 vaccine mandate

If Barrett bothers to defend this at all, it’ll be on a ridiculous technicality, but sadly, she doesn’t have to give an excuse. That’s the folly of lifetime appointments in an age of rampant corruption and betrayal.

Those who would believe such an excuse also know they can easily go out and commit any crime they want. (Wait, don’t they do that already?) They’d be too incompetent to stand trial.

Our beloved system continues to be used against us to rob us of our Liberties. The Left is well on its way to “institutionalizing” the tyranny they are currently imposing unlawfully.

I expect to discover that Amy Coney Barrett was really “pro-choice” all along.  Mind you, she has now shown no proclivity to defend a citizen’s choice about vaccines or masks or individual health care decisions. But about abortion, euthanasia, and death?  That’s the only “freedom” the Left allows.

Remember the over-the-top insanity over Brett Kavanaugh and the crocodile tears cried over Amy Coney Barrett?  That was just more political theater. At that, they truly deserve a gold medal.

What’s another of their lies in the long line of so many?  They are desperate to pack the Supreme Court. Why should they?  It already is.


Karen Kataline is a radio host on Right America Media and a contributor to this blog.

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