Biden Supporters Shoot 55 People in Chicago, Killing 10


Biden supporters shot 55 people in Chicago over the weekend, killing 10. Two Chicago police officers and a 15-year-old boy were among the wounded.

At least six of the more than one dozen incidents reported by the Chicago police were drive-by shootings. Among those drive-by shootings was one that may have been gang-related.

As five people ate lunch under a tent at a Morgan Park restaurant on Saturday, an SUV pulled up near the group and started shooting. A 31-year-old-man, who police believe was the intended target, was shot multiple times and killed. Another man and three women in the group were shot and wounded.

Two of the first weekend shooting victims were women. They were shot Friday evening. One of them died at the hospital. One of the last victims shot was a teenage boy who was just walking down the street Sunday evening. He is in critical condition.


Democrats in Chicago favor defunding the police department. But that hasn’t stopped the department from trying to address the violence.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown recently announced the launch of the Community Safety Team and the Critical Response Team. The focus of these teams is “combating violent crime, strengthening community relationships, and ensuring the safety of residents during large-scale events, marches, and demonstrations,” as reported by the River North Residents Association.

About 200 members of Chicago’s new Critical Incident Response team were deployed downtown over the weekend. Seven people at a Black Lives Matter protest were arrested at Chicago’s Loyola University on Saturday.

The two new teams will also work to improve community safety throughout Chicago. It begs the questions of why it took so long. Every weekend this summer, and indeed for years, the residents of Chicago have endured the wholesale slaughter of their fellow citizens and their children.


Chicago is just one of many Democrat-run cities across the country that have seen a substantial increase in violent crime, including rioting, looting, burning, and shootings. None of the mayors of those cities, however, seem willing to address the unrelenting crime and violence. They have gone so far as to call the criminals destroying their cities “peaceful protesters.”

Most of the people who live in Chicago are Democrats, especially black people. Since people who are white and opposed to the violence are called Trump supporters, it’s fair to say that the black shooters in this weekend’s violent rampage are Biden supporters.

It stands to reason, therefore, that the people burning down Democrat-run cities across the country are also Biden supporters.

These black-on-black crimes have not been denounced by Biden specifically or the Democrats in general. To the contrary, some Democrat politicians are even calling for more violence in their cities and across the country! These criminal Biden supporters seem more than willing to oblige them.

Violent crimes and protests in Democrat-run cities by these Biden supporters are bound to continue until someone realizes that it may cost Joe Biden the election.

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silver fox
silver fox
3 years ago

the left is finished

Sieg Zerstoerer
Sieg Zerstoerer
3 years ago

Chicongo is, sadly, a no-go zone anymore. I’m just glad we got out when we did, and I surely wish the rest of our family would do the same!

The cops there have a lousy, thankless job. The Indigenes are totally feral, and if a cop touches one, he can count on having more trouble than it’s worth.

Best solution?

Wall the city off, pull out the police, and announce that after a certain date, no one will be allowed in or out of the city. See how long it takes for the natives to start eating each other.


3 years ago

The violence will only get worse as the Commiecrts employ violence to keep people from the polls. Threats, intimidation, voter fraud and harvesting is the Commiecrat voter suppression program. Of course, its the Alinsky rule book that says to accuse the opposition of what you are actually doing. It seems to be working.