Biden Takes Over Permian Basin in TX and NM to Force Less Drilling


President Biden, who claims he is doing everything he can to produce oil and gas, will soon rule that parts of the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico are in “non-attainment” with ozone standards, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The government isn’t supposed to control or own land but they do. The Left plans to control it all through regulations or any way they can.

Government-Owned Land

The greenies petitioned the EPA to curb fracking, and they will likely get their way.

The Permian is the most productive, and cost-effective, oil shale reserve in the U.S. It accounts for 43% of U.S. oil production.

“The EPA’s process could interfere in the production of oil in Texas which could lead to skyrocketing prices at the pump by reducing production, increase the cost of that production, or do both,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote Mr. Biden this week. “Your administration’s announced action is completely discretionary. Thus, you have the power to stop it.”

The EPA doesn’t have the legal authority to ban fracking. So, they are violating the law with a regulatory back door.

Climate agitators want EPA to tighten ozone standards to indirectly regulate CO2 from fossil fuels. Joe Goffman, a champion of this idea, is leading EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation on an acting basis, and he’s in charge of ozone rules.

Mr. Goffman helped give us the Obama Clean Power Plan that had sought to conscript states into a force-fed green energy grid transition until the courts killed it.

Goffman is called the “U.S. EPA’s law whisperer. His specialty is teaching an old law to do new tricks.”

They are using old laws to mean something they were never intended to mean.  It’s a way of abolishing Congress and abusing power. It puts all the power in the hands of the president.

Just yesterday, the Supreme Court put a stop to this type of abuse of power. However, that was yesterday.

Biden appointed the law whisperer to his position and it’s clear he did it to kill our fossil fuels.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
5 months ago

This POS is becoming a real authoritarian prick.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

The situation is far too out of control and dangerous for people to not be reacting. It’s time to move focus from the corrupt left and Biden to the enablers. Refuse to shut down the drilling. If we cannot do that then we are partaking in our suicide. Abbott is not capable of leadership, recall he blamed the Texas power disaster 2 winters ago on federal regulations, so he let his state be severely damaged over no law. That is his track record, it is rock solid. The GOP surely will not assist us, they want things to get as bad as possible so they can win an election. Little Abbott is going to sit there in his corner whining. This focus belongs on him.

Archbishop Vigano’s statement applies here:

To think that there is no relationship between the instigators of these crimes and those who carry them out at the highest levels of national governments, the EU, and the UN is a sign of bad faith, because even a child could understand that we are held hostage by a group of technocrats who are ideologically deviant and morally corrupt. The peoples of the world need to reclaim their sovereignty, which has been usurped by the globalist elite.

It is unacceptable for officials in a position of power to not act, instead of whining. But we have the “conservatives” cheering each time an official whines.

5 months ago

Didn’t the SCOTUS just tell the Executive Branch and the Bureaucrats that they didn’t have this kind of power?

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

Once madness takes over it seems to know no limits.