Biden takes the lead with Trafalgar


This poll is terrifying because choosing Biden over Trump is choosing fascism and communism over freedom. Some of the blame belongs to people coming into this country or leftists moving to red states and pushing the same awful policies on them.

The ballot harvesting will also present a problem for Donald Trump.

We are watching a dying nation where half of the populace is fooled in the name of COV.

Black Americans are starting to see the truth:

If Biden wins, we will lose free speech, the Second Amendment, private property rights, the suburbs as zoning will become nationalized, we will lose our privacy, and that will only be the beginning as Biden puts socialists/communists in his cabinet and in high offices to transform the country.

Biden also promised to end all deportations on day 1 and will keep the borders open for at least 100 days for the new Democrats. He will give them free healthcare — all of them.

His plan calls for a public option for everyone, which means a single-payer.

Please read his terrifying manifesto planned with Bernie Sanders or watch the next clip.

Once socialism/communism are entrenched, there are no second chances. It will be over.

Since Kamala will likely take over, here’s her agenda:

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