When your role models are Fascists & the goal is full control


Biden has staked his campaign on a message of “doom and gloom,” and Americans are falling for it, Laura Ingraham said on her show last night. She told viewers, “for Biden? It’s all doom and gloom, the long dark winter,”

It’s true. Every speech is punctured by negativity and angry glares.

As France and Germany completely lock down their countries again, destroying their economy for the all-holy lockdown that does not work, Biden has embraced the lockdown.


Dr. Fauci has embraced the full lockdown, one that is as fascistic as Melbourne, Australia, and New Zealand. Watch the video below in which Dr. Fauci explains and the Prime Minister of NZ talks fascism. Plus, there were only 25 deaths in New Zealand.

The New Zealand PM is putting people who don’t obey the full lockdown into prison-health camps as their businesses are destroyed. Europe is requiring governments to use thermal imaging cameras designed by a Communist Chinese company. It’s the same company that provides surveillance to the concentration camps that imprison Uighurs for so-called re-education. (watch clip below)

That company can then have access to all their data for future use.

This is one of the choices we will make on Tuesday. We will choose lockdowns or alternative responses.

The fact that the election is so close when a senile man and a communist woman are running, should terrify those who believe in freedom.

President Trump doesn’t play down the virus. He adds optimism as we learn how to handle the virus and are close to securing a vaccine. His optimism isn’t blind optimism. It’s informed optimism. The left and their media are destroying the message of a President who supports freedom, and they will burn down the entire country. They are doing it based on a lie that we are an incurably systemically racist nation.

For his part, Trump doesn’t believe the government has the right to manipulate Americans.

Democrats do believe in stereotyping, manipulation, and social engineering. They will shut down America with unelected health bureaucrats and Big Tech. It will destroy small businesses in America, the backbone of capitalism.

Must Watch:


Democrats are a complete fraud. As Ben Shapiro wrote for CNS News, “Just as important, Democrats have never provided an alternative plan with regard to COVID. Biden’s stated plan — to accelerate a vaccine, to socially distance, to mask more, to create local authority for targeted lockdowns — is no different from Trump’s. Biden was holding packed rallies into early March. Democrats have repeatedly condoned or celebrated massive rallies of millions of people during the pandemic, so long as those rallies meet with their political approval.”

“The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID’s death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. It is reliant on a perverse view of the universe by which Trump is responsible for all evil, a miasmatic orange Satan haunting the land. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand.”

“That’s nonsense. The pandemic will continue on Nov. 4, no matter who is elected. But so long as Trump is labeled the true scourge, rather than COVID, Trump will pay the political price. And the so-called Party of Science will continue to promote that anti-scientific lie all the way up through Election Day.”

Democrats are going for it — full control.

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