Biden team considered COV app that steals ideas from the Chinese Communists


Biden’s COVID team considered a test and trace app that would have let businesses deny service to patrons based on their health data. It also would have divided users into three color-coded categories—just like China did last year., the Free Beacon reported.

Donald Trump tweeted, “Never thought I’d see the day where we’d be stealing ideas from the Chinese Communist Party in America. This is as Un-American as it gets! The Democrat party/radical left won’t stop until they’ve taken all your freedoms.”

He linked to the Free Beacon article which stated that the program has eerie echoes of China’s surveillance system, which uses data from citizens’ phones to impose quarantines.

The app, pioneered by the University of Illinois, apparently tried to sell Biden on scaling up the school’s contact tracing system. It records test results and Bluetooth data to determine who has been exposed to the virus—and “links building access” to that information.

The system resembles the one being used in China, where a mandatory app gives each user a “health status”—green, yellow, or red—that dictates access to public spaces. The University of Illinois app likewise divides users into three categories: “yellow” if they’ve recently tested negative, “orange” if they’ve potentially been exposed, and “red” if they’ve recently tested positive. Only students with a yellow status may enter buildings.

It’s a more extreme version of the vaccine passport.

This could be the beginning of a China-style social credit system.

We have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights. That’s the only passport we need.

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