Biden, the First Black Woman President, Hasn’t Reassured Anyone


Joe Biden is still running for president despite Van Jones making it clear it’s not if he will be replaced. It’s only when. He is losing one of his major donors, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, who said he wanted him to step down. Other donors want their money back.

Biden met with Democrats on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Two Democrat lawmakers have called on Biden to resign. Senior aides believe they might only have a matter of days to show he is up to the challenge. They referenced the increasing anxiety in the party.

Biden wants Americans to believe that Trump is a great threat to the country. such a threat that he, Biden, is not so bad.

In the meeting on Capitol Hill, his strongest supporter, far-left Senator Chris Coons, who admits he was a communist in college, said, “We had a direct, open, clear-eyed conversation about the debate.”

He said Biden wanted advice. He was asking for input about what he should do to restore confidence and support and “what’s the best path forward.”

Others weren’t as supportive.

Representative Raul Grijalva from Arizona told the New York Times that he would back Biden if he was a candidate. However, this “is an opportunity to look elsewhere.”  What Biden “needs to do is shoulder the responsibility for keeping the seat – and part of that responsibility is to get out of the race.”

Biden’s friend, Representative Jim Clyburn, said he’d back a mini primary in the run-up to the Democrat National Convention if Biden were to leave the race.

Biden met with 24 Democrat governors on Wednesday night, who described the conversation as “candid.”  They said they have Biden’s back. Governor Wes Moore of Maryland said, “The president is our nominee. The president is our party leader.”

According to one of the people briefed Gov. Janet Mills of Maine bluntly told Mr. Biden that his age was fine but that people did not think he was up to running. According to another person briefed on what happened, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico jumped in and said Mr. Biden was at risk of losing her state. Gov. Ned Lamont of Connecticut said he had to make the case to voters. Another asked Mr. Biden what the path forward was. Other Democrat allies have remained quiet. Most are taking a wait-and-see approach.

When Kathy Hochul told reporters they were standing behind Joe Biden, some governors were annoyed with her because she said she spoke for all of them.

According to New York Magazine, his issues have been glaring.

Friends of the president said they met with him where he couldn’t even remember their names. These were longtime friends.

Olivia Nuzzi wrote the piece, and she holds him in great regard. However, she said at one event, she tried to make eye contact, “but it was like his eyes, though open, we’re not on. His face had a wax quality. He smiled. It was a sweet smile. …

His sweet smile was frozen. He spoke very slowly and in a very soft voice. “And what’s Your Name?” he asked. She is a long-time acquaintance. The article made clear that there was a “conspiracy of silence” protecting Joe Biden.

It’s clear the media and Democrats do not have Americans’ backs.

The Conspiracy

The First Black Woman President, Joe Biden

When he met with the Democratic governors, he said his problem was his brain. Some said it was a joke. He said he needed more sleep and not to work so much past 8 p.m.

When he called into a radio show in Philadelphia, he seemed to refer to himself as the first black woman to serve under a black president. His words were a confused jumble, as they often are.

Biden Asea

On Thursday, he gave remarks at a White House barbecue for service members and their families. He tried to tell the “suckers and losers” lie again about President Trump, but he didn’t even get the story right. He called Trump a former colleague.

Joe also mentioned being in and out of battles with them, but Joe hasn’t been in any battles. Biden had a lame excuse to avoid the draft years ago.

This is an alleged joke.

Biden is perpetually confused and not sure where he is.

He won’t make four years, and Kamala will be president. If she is going to be, why not be honest and just run her now? Let the people pick her. Don’t make her the accidental president.

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