Biden to Ban Accurate Presidential Polling Betting Markets


The Biden administration ordered a ban on 2024 election betting markets, often showing former President Donald Trump winning in November and President Joe Biden remaining his party’s nominee.

A top Wall Street regulator has proposed outlawing election betting in the U.S. derivatives markets, with officials warning that the activity poses a threat to the sanctity of American elections.

“Sanctity of American elections?” This is as Democrats do everything imaginable to get their figurehead re-elected.

They are pouring billions into Democrat precincts, suing to change ID laws, not allowing ID for presidential elections, pushing mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, controlling social media and legacy media, pushing Google to take the right-wing out of searches, which they do, telling illegal aliens to vote, and so much more. Democrats do whatever they can to make elections unsecured. They have a media that only supports Biden. Democrats are engaging in lawfare against Donald Trump, treating him like Al Capone.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed a rule on May 10 to permanently ban betting on election commercial prediction markets in the United States, the New York Times’ Jeff Sommer recently reported. This move comes even as sports gambling became largely deregulated and soared in popularity.

Presidential election betting markets are very popular because they aren’t political; they want to make money. The information and research must also be up-to-date, or they won’t make money. It’s the free market at work.

Political polls are biased and often geared ever so slightly toward influence rather than measuring and reporting. Who can forget how wrong they were in 2016?

Polls are used to show Americans who the winner is in a psychological war on the American thought process.

Betting markets don’t choose certain demographics to sway the public, or they will be out of business.

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