Truth Emerges as Ted Cruz Grills Woke Pro-Rapist Judge


Barack Obama posted on x. @POTUS just confirmed his 200th judge – not an easy accomplishment with a narrow majority in the Senate. And more than half are women and people of color. Judges have the power to roll back progress or keep us moving forward; to protect our basic liberties or take them away. It’s another reminder of what’s at stake in this election and why it’s so important to vote.

More than half are women and people of color? They look for gender and race, not quality or equality. Obama is a DEI or Critical Race Theory proponent. DEI is an anti-American and anti-white Marxist-based ideology. He adhered to the teachings of Critical Race Theory developed by Dr. Derrick Bell.

When he talks about judges to “protect our basic liberties,” he means it in the Marxist sense. Obama was raised by communists, mentored by revolutionary, racist communist Frank Marshal Davis, and spent 20 years in the communist liberation theology church of Rev. Wright, who was also a racist. Obama only hung with the Marxist professors in college. He was a follower of Dr. Bell and Critical Race Theory (DEI).

Senate Judicial Hearing of Woke Judge Sarah Netburn

Ted Cruz discussed a case with one of the prospective judges that Joe Biden, or is it Barack Obama, is putting on courts. This candidate put a 6’2″ serial child rapist with male genitalia in a woman’s prison after he claimed to be a woman.

The candidate, Judge Netborn, was told the rapist would be a risk to the woman in the prison, and she indicated she didn’t care about the women.

Watch the full clip here or read the transcript:

The brilliant Libertarian Thomas Sowell said Derrick Bell knew he had no business serving as a professor at the Harvard Law School. It ended up giving him the choice of being a nobody among all these accomplished individuals or doing his own thing. “Unfortunately, he chose the low road,” Dr. Sowell said.

By black, Bell, the father of CRT, doesn’t mean skin color. He means people who also think black as he defines it. He’s an idealist, but you could say that “about Hitler in his early days.”

Bell has a “totalitarian mindset” — he has an” ideological intolerance.”

Referencing both Bell and Obama, Sowell said they believe in “a revenge society” — it’s “very ugly,” Sowell said. Bell was against racism once, but now he wants racism “under new management.” That makes it “particularly ugly” for Bell, Sowell concluded.

Sowell doesn’t think racism is systemic and unabated, but there are black leaders who will have nothing without racism.

Bell died in 2011.

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