Biden to Escalate War with Russia: Americans on the Ground


The Biden administration, staffed by Obama, Soros, and Clinton operatives, plans to escalate the war with Russia, just in case they didn’t notice we’re tied to bombing them with weapons and intelligence. The regime will lift a de facto ban on American military contractors deploying to Ukraine to help maintain and repair US weapons systems.

It is days after US weapons guided by our intelligence killed four people, including children, on a Russian beach. The contractors are Americans on the ground. They are private military and will become fodder. Then what?

It’s a boon for the military-industrial complex.

We are fighting for a country that can’t defeat Russia, and we’ve known that from the beginning. One might wonder if we didn’t always plan to send our men and potentially women to war for Ukraine. The new NDAA if enacted mandates men and women register for the draft.

“We have not made any decisions, and any discussion of this is premature,” said one administration official. “The president is absolutely firm that he will not be sending US troops to Ukraine.”

This is a leak that the administration wanted in the media.

Closer And Closer

Officials said the change would likely be enacted this year once approved. It would allow the Pentagon to provide contracts to American companies. Officials hope it will speed up the maintenance and repairs of weapons systems.

Biden has Americans moving closer and closer to the frontlines. The administration might start a direct war with nuclear Russia before November 5th.

CNN claims that the White House has been determined to limit the danger to Americans. He’s trying to tamp down the perception, particularly by Russia, that the US military is engaged in combat there.

US-provided military equipment that has sustained significant damage in combat has had to be transported out of the country to NATO countries for repairs. It is a time-consuming process.

US troops can also help the Ukrainians with routine maintenance and logistics. However, only from afar via video chat or secure phone.

Officials said that administration officials began seriously reconsidering those restrictions over the last several months. Russia’s gains on the battlefield were the impetus for that.

Almost NATO Membership

NATO also intends to offer Ukraine a new military headquarters to manage aid and weapons donated by the West instead of a pathway to membership. The New York Times has reported that this will happen at the bloc’s summit in Washington next month.

The new HQ would assure Ukraine of NATO’s long-term commitment to its security and serve as a “bridge” for Kiev to eventually join the US-led military bloc.

That is another poke at the bear.

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