Biden to Let Chevron Drill in Venezuela, Creating Jobs in a Dictatorship


With his usual incompetence, Joe Biden has decided to kill oil and gas jobs in the U.S. and create jobs in the Marxist dictatorship of Venezuela. He is giving the okay to Chevron to drill for dirty oil in Venezuela.

We have enormous resources in the US, but he won’t drill here. He’s banning drilling in the US. Biden’s goal is to put the US on solar and wind alone.

The problem is solar and wind rely on fossil fuels and China. Plus, they can’t sustain America.

Drilling oil in Venezuela is to carry us through as he lets our fuel industry die. It doesn’t matter to him that their oil is dirty oil.

Biden might think he’s saving the planet, but all he’s doing is destroying the country.

Earlier, we reported Larry Kudlow warned of a severe recession due solely to the Biden regime’s policies. Biden’s climate, energy, and regulatory policies are destroying the US economy.

Reuters said Biden released 200 million barrels of US emergency oil reserves, but that’s ending soon.

He only did that for the election. Biden is putting up a facade of reducing gasoline prices.

Reuters reported:

White House officials aim to “shift oil sales from illicit and non-transparent channels to transparent, legitimate channels,” the person said. The United States could revoke permissions if the Maduro administration fails to negotiate in good faith or uphold its commitments, that person said.

“We have long made clear our willingness to provide targeted relief based on concrete steps that alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people and bring them closer to a restoration of democracy,” said a spokesperson for the U.S. State department.

Biden is making the contract with Venezuela dependent on them setting up a $3 billion humanitarian fund. It’s a superficial PR effort, nothing more.

Tucker deals with the failing economy in his unique way:

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1 year ago

Setting aside the question of whether Biden IS President, how does a US President have ANY input over what a company does beyond US borders?

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

Another anti American move by Puppet Joe and his puppeteers. And how stupid can Chevron be to drill in Venezuela? I guess they don’t remember 2009 when Hugo Chavez seized US oil services companies’ assets and Maduro will do it to Chevron. They’re fools if they believe Biden will protect them.

1 year ago

That’s the norm for the Biden regime. Taking down America is their goal. Building up other countries just helps move things along quicker.