Biden to Reduce Illegal Immigration to 4,000 per Day Pre-Election


Biden is planning executive action that would allow him to shut down the US-Mexico border once the number of migrant crossings reaches 4,000 per day, a source close to the White House told The Post Wednesday.

The order would match a provision in the bipartisan border bill that failed to pass the Senate in February, which gave the president authority to expel migrants when border crossings reached the same daily average.

So he can stop illegal immigration, and he will for votes, but he will still let 4,000 anonymous people come in illegally.

He recently worked out a deal with Mexico to stop some of the illegal immigration, and the numbers have gone to about 5900 a day.

This is all for show to get re-elected. They think Americans are stupid.

The UN wants a billion people in this country. They have a replacement plan, which was first mentioned on March 21, 2000. In the plan, they said they wanted 600 million people in the United States; now, it’s one billion.


The UN, with permission of the Biden administration, is aggressively moving illegal aliens into the country and has been since Barack Obama’s reign, which continues to this day.

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