A System to Replace the Dollar Will Be Ready in 2025


Prepare for the new gold-backed monetary system to replace the dollar and SWIFT. There is a system to make it happen. It’s called The Unit. It will make us instantly poor. It duplicates the SDR, a creature of the IMF and the New Development Bank, but it leaves the G7 in the dust. It’s the IMF system without the IMF.

Much of the world is fed up with the centralization, weaponization, and speculation of the Global Monetary System of 80 years. Now we have The Unit. In the end, each country can use its own currency. It can be used for accounting, bookkeeping, pricing, settling, paying, saving, and investing.

It’s the great equalizer. Americans might soon need wheelbarrows for their money to buy food in the supermarket.


The Unit promises to allow free buying, selling, and using of apolitical money for payments through any open payment and clearing system. It can be bought and sold worldwide, enabling seamless cross-border transactions.

It’s allegedly decentralized and transparent.

Each unit token is equal to 1 gram of gold. Unit tokens are not subject to any capital controls or price manipulation.  They are preserved by blockchain-based nod synchronization and elimination of the need to re-balance gold holdings between UNIT nodes, thus minimizing costs and risks.


Bruno Martarello De Conti of the University of Campinas highlights the importance of BRICS amid the dysfunctionality of the current international monetary and financial system, particularly the dominance of the US dollar and its use as a geopolitical weapon. “

It’s really necessary for the BRICS to construct alternatives for the use of the dollar So it can be done through the usage of local currencies for bilateral trade as Russia is doing with China for instance. But also this idea of developing a BRICS currency is a good idea,” De Conti told Sputnik on the sidelines of the World Youth Festival in Russia’s Sirius.

De Conti also advocates for the creation of a new international payment system to reduce the reliance on platforms like SWIFT, which can be weaponized. This transition, although complex, is crucial to ensure financial stability and sovereignty for the Global South and BRICS nations.

This is how it is being framed at Sputnik by Pepe Escobar:

“President Putin is once again quite sharp: he emphasized how a clear distinction applies between citizens of the world – including the Global North – and the intolerant, extremely aggressive Western plutocracy. Russia, a multinational, multicultural civilization-state, by principle, welcomes all citizens of the world,” says Pepe Escobar, veteran geopolitical analyst, sharing his impressions after visiting the World Youth Festival.

Everyone warned Joe Biden not to weaponize the dollar against Russia, but he wouldn’t listen. Clearly, he is not running the government. People like Barack Obama, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and global leaders are running the US by committee. They came up with the idea that several brilliant people are better than one, but Biden is a useful dupe to remove all accountability from what they do. He was warned to stop spending and building up debt, but we have people in charge who want to destroy us.

The UNIT proposes to unlock Western speculative capital. It would eliminate the US’s power to sanction Iran and anyone. The New Development Bank and BRICS embrace it. It’s apolitical money (for now, allegedly).

I don’t know if this will work, but this is where we are headed.


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