Biden to Reward the Rioters of Lafayette Square – MaY 2020


The Hill published a dishonest, biased report on Biden’s Justice Department solving a sue and settle case over the Lafayette Square incident in June 2020.

If you remember, wild leftist groups, including Black Lives Matter and Antifa, rioted at Lafayette Square. They burned down a historic building in the park and tried to burn down a historic church. The rioters attempted to topple Andrew Jackson’s statue.

Also, 150 peace officers were injured. It was not a peaceful protest. You can watch Bill Barr explain what happened at the end of the article.

They blamed Donald Trump for the police pushing back on their violence. On that day, Trump walked to a historic church, and the leftist mobs claimed the police were brutal to them so Trump could go pose for a photo-op.

Trump’s walk to the church had nothing to do with the DoJ’s actions. Then-Attorney General Bill Barr explained that the crowd was moved back because they were out of control.

The lie continues, however. The Hill’s fully inaccurate version called it a demonstration:

The incident came during nationwide protests against police brutality in the summer of 2020. A large demonstration had swelled near Lafayette Square outside the White House, and then-Attorney General William Barr ordered law enforcement officers to clear out the protesters right before Trump crossed the street for a photo opportunity at a historic church.

Based on the lies, the DoJ settled with the civil rights groups.

Biden’s administration will change how the Secret Service and the US Park Police handle large ‘protests.’

If you can bear it, read the propaganda on this link. The settlement is to send the message that the lies are the truth. Sue and settle cases are very Orwellian.


The rioters damaged historic St. John’s Church a second time and tried to take down Andrew Jackson after they vandalized the monument. The President gave the order for arrests. They were basically pepper-sprayed out of the area.

As the President explained, these people don’t love America.

These women are not well:

These lunatics tried to take down the statue of Andrew Jackson:

They damaged St. John’s church a second time after burning it:

Damage to the church by the “peaceful protesters”:

Full interview with Bill Barr about Lafayette Square:

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